SMART Software

Amia smart software

The SMART choice

The SMART Software on the Amia System includes advanced features that keep the patient's therapy within the programmed parameters.

SMART Therapy

The Amia System may provide a more effective treatment than standard Tidal Therapy because with SMART Therapy, patients receive the benefits of Tidal Fills and Drains while still receiving all of the prescribed Total Night Therapy Volume.1


If a drain alarm occurs during the night portion of therapy, the patient can activate a SMART Drain. This may allow a patient who experiences drain alarms while on therapy to complete the remainder of the night therapy.1

SMART Dwells

If the SMART Dwells option is enabled by a clinician during programming, the Amia System will automatically adjust Night Dwell Times for each cycle for the therapy to finish within the Total Night Therapy Time.2

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