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Baxter supports you and your patients' needs with comprehensive training programs and supplies specially designed to empower successful APD strategies.

Count on Baxter to provide you and your patients with the supplies and product support you need.

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Training and education: Empowered Support for your Patients

The Amia System with Sharesource Platform includes a robust training and education program designed to empower your nursing staff to start new patients quickly and efficiently. Baxter Healthcare Corporation is a pioneer of home-based PD therapy and the largest home-based global dialysis company. Count on Baxter to provide a full patient-training program, further enhanced by the Amia System’s step-by-step on-screen and voice guidance, supporting patient self-learning.


The Amia System with Sharesource Platform training and education package includes:


Hands-on device training for clinicians

Peer to peer education

Product and therapy-related education where subject matter experts interact with health practitioners on a peer-to-peer basis

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Baxter Clinical Educator support to help identify potential improvement areas, share best practices and provide education related to the safe and effective use of the Amia System with Sharesource Platform

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