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Transparent Patient Adherence



Historically, clinicians have been unable to proactively identify patients missing or shortening their Peritoneal Dialysis treatments.


Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD)

Cyclers embedded with Remote Patient Management (RPM)
technology can help detect treatment-related issues, allowing
intervention to potentially prevent early clinically significant events.



Evaluate actual APD treatment time compared to prescribed treatment time, using an APD device similar to the Amia with Sharesource Connectivity Platform.

Sharesource Connectivity Platform has greater visibility to patient adherence patterns to allow for early intervention.

Patient Adherence method


Data on 399 European APD patients were analyzed

  • Patients that were utilizing an APD device with Sharesource Connectivity Platform for 3 months or more were examined for weekly treatment frequency and actual versus prescribed treatment time.
  • An assumption was made that patients perform APD therapy 7 days per week.
  • Patients with gaps in treatment > 30 days were omitted/excluded.
  • Time on treatment was determined from the first treatment after the training period to the last available treatment for a patient.
  • Weekly treatment frequency was the number of treatments in Sharesource Connectivity Platform / 30 * 7. E.g. If a patient had 27 treatments out of 30 days, then weekly rate = (27/30) * 7 = 6.3
  • Treatment differences were treatment time prescribed - actual treatment time performed.

Note: Claria with Sharesource was used in this study which is similar in function, design and indication to Amia with Sharesource


What have we seen so far?

In the 1st week of therapy

24.3% (97) and 9.5% (38) of patients had >100 minutes and >300 minutes, respectively, less actual therapy time than prescribed.

Patient Adherence 1st week

During the 1st month of therapy

30% (115) of patients missed >4 treatments (>10% of
prescribed therapy) and 12% (47) of patients missed >9

Patient Adherence 1st month

Weeks 3 and 5 showed similar results to the weeks presented here. They were not included in the graphs and combined results for simplicity.


Patient Adherence 3rd month

Conclusions patient-adherence




Sharesource Connectivity Platform with remote patient management allows clinicians to securely view their patient's daily home dialysis treatment data.

Visibility to adherence patterns may provide opportunities for clinicians to intervene, educate or retrain the patient in a more timely manner.

Clinicians using APD with Sharesource Connectivity Platform have greater visibility to patient adherence patterns which may allow early intervention.

Firanek C. et al, Discrepancy between prescribed and actual APD prescription delivery: Identification using cycler remote management technology. EDTA 5-18-2017. Poster #MP557

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