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Voice Guidance

Amia voice guidance

Let's talk voice guidance

The Amia System is the first and only PD system in the U.S. equipped with voice guidance that walks patients step-by-step through detailed instructions on how to use the system.1 The Amia System can speak to patients in English, Spanish or French Canadian.

78% of Amia System patients consistently used voice guidance*

In a simulated use study, participants rated the Amia System easier to use (including the step-by-step on-screen and voice guidance) than the HomeChoice Automated PD System.2

Listen to Amia system - pause
Listen to Amia system - play

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*Baxter Internal Data reported as of Jan 2017. Observational data only, not yet analyzed for statistical significance.

1. Amia Automated PD System Clinician Guide. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Deerfield, IL.
2. Life Science Strategy Group. Peritoneal Dialysis Treatment Modality Assessment. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Report. December 2014. Baxter data on file. Available upon request.