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Touch Screen

Amia touch point

Touch screen convenience at your patients’ finger tips

The Amia System features large, intuitive touch-screen graphics and animations that guide patients through every step of their therapy, making it easy to learn and simple to perform.  And when you need to change your patients’ programs, they can accept and confirm new treatment programs with a touch of a button.1

Touch Control

86% of Healthcare Providers and 82% of patients agreed or strongly agreed

that the Amia System user interface/touchscreen will help reduce operator error compared to the HomeChoice System.2

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1. Amia Automated PD System Clinician Guide. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Deerfield, IL.
2. Life Science Strategy Group. Peritoneal Dialysis Treatment Modality Assessment. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Report. December 2014. Baxter data on file. Available upon request.