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Remote Monitoring

Amia remote monitoring

Stay connected to your APD patients

The Amia System features the innovative Sharesource Connectivity Platform that lets you monitor your patients’ historical treatment data in a more timely manner.1

The Sharesource Clinical Portal allows you to review, identify and manage treatment data from multiple patients and make more timely clinical decisions. No need to wait for your patients’ next clinic visits. You can program and adjust patient programs remotely.2

The web-based Sharesource Connectivity Platform establishes a two-way connection between each Amia System and your clinic.  At the end of each treatment, data is automatically transmitted to the Clinical Portal, allowing you to review and adjust your patients’ programs. Plus, flag alerts identify events that have occurred during the treatment.2

Remote Monitoring

82% of patients using Amia System with the Sharesource Portal* require at least one program change.3

The Sharesource Platform allows you the flexibility to modify your patients’ PD programs as soon as their first month  of treatment.

Current clinical users can view patient treatment data and edit patient programs using the Sharesource Clinical Portal. (Log-in access required.) For more information on using the Sharesource Clinical Portal, view the Sharesource Interactive guide.


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*Data includes 63 patients who have been on the Amia cycler with Sharesource portal for >3 months. (12/17/15-7/9/16). Data excludes the initial first two weeks to account for programming of device/patient training.3

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